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lounge-fm1Between 08.09.2008 and 26.09.2008 the Johannes Kepler University/Linz/AUSTRIA and LoungeFM - Upper-Austrias new relaxing radiostation - open the “Johannes Kepler Lounge”! A Nomadhome to RELAX! After study-workshops and inscription-seminaries there’s now a place for young people to chill out. In a relaxed surrounding new students get the unique possibility to get to know and interview their future professors. With a cup of coffee and a snack students get a first glimpse of university-atmosphere!    lounge-fm3lounge-fm-logo  for further information please check

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  1. Listen & Relax

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  2. Kent Ted

    Hello there!
    I happened to attend my classmates “Go Green Toronto exposey’” and one of the students had a very excellent presentation of Nomadhome as the new cottages in Canada……my wife and i were excited about the idea of getting one to retire in our old age lol. Anyway i just wanted to check out the website and send out my congratulations on this wonderful project. they are beautiful than we imagined. Ted

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