Distribution partner!

Because of the growing international interest in NOMADHOME we are looking for an innovative and visionary sales-partner who wants to strike a new path with NOMADHOME! Should you be interested, please contact us under  sales@nomadhome.com

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27 Reaktionen zu “Distribution partner!”

  1. Mary

    I am interested in learning about distribution opportunities for North America.

    Mary Kenny

  2. MMaina

    Hello,i have ready partners in North America willing to invest in these homes,kindly get in touch with me asap.

    Kind regards,

  3. Dennis

    Hello I am interested too in learning about distribution opportunities for Germany. I would be pleased about a response and far information to its marketing system.

  4. Mgr. Peter Reichel

    I am interested in learning about distribution opportunities for Slovak Republic. We would like to placed one in Slovakia for presentation puprpose and for our creative team office, also. I would be pleased about a response.

    Mgr. Peter Reichel, CEO
    Integrity Solutions s.r.o.

  5. Gerold Peham

    Hi Dennis!

    We´ve got one distribution partner in Germany www.wohnfreiheit.de
    Please tell us if you are interested in our products or in distribution?!
    We are looking forward to your response to give you a detailed answer.

  6. Gerold Peham

    Hello Mgr. Reichel!

    Thank you for your interest in our Nomadhome.
    We would be pleased, if you could take up telephone contact with us.

  7. M. Heutfle


    Do you have any distribution in the U.S.?

    Is it possible to transport to U.S.?

    Thank you

  8. David Haugland

    Do you have a distributor/representative in the United States. I’m interested in looking into the Nomad Home as a prefab in Southern California.

  9. Nkululeko

    I’m interested in buy one for myself , I’m in South Africa

  10. ulli

    Hello “Nkululeko” - you can get all infos when u contact us via email… “office@nomadhome.com” looking fwd to get your mail, all the best, ulli (pr + marketing nomadhome)

  11. Polis

    Very interesting!

  12. pedro chamorro

    megustaria saber precios y la posibilidad de distribucion en españa

  13. David

    I am interested in buying a house (50 meters). you have available in Spain? I wonder prices

  14. roman

    I write to them from Spain:Ihave an area of 1500m2
    Iam interested in one of his houses for my. Where I can find information about the prices?
    My intention is the biggest model installs one of 140m2.but that I see is(UDP)Is possible a model with 140m2
    WHAT approximately that cost might have?

  15. Wanduhren


  16. marta tortosa

    i would like to know if your nomad homes are available en Spain and wich would be the price.
    Thank you very much

  17. jay albano

    Hi I’m in the USA South Carolina, I need info on leasing and a purchase, could you please email me…I have tried several times can’t get through your email or phone.

    Thank You
    Jay Albano

  18. Maria Ramirez

    Hello my name is Maria and I would love to own such an innovative home,
    when you have these homes for sale in America please let me know.
    Thank you

  19. Walter Matena

    Good afternoon,
    I am located in Southwestern Ontario and would love to have some more information pertaining to distribution here in Central Canada. Please contact me regarding the opportunity either via email, or call me at 519 330-1906.

    Walter Matena

  20. Nick Lattiere

    I’m in the USA and you are doing my lifetime dream lets talk

  21. Gary Dahlbeck

    Interested in distribution opportunities in Western states of U.S. Also interested in personal use purchase.

  22. Thomas Swearingen

    I seen your product on Extreme Houses and thought it was a pretty unique idea. I would love to get more info about distabuters in the US market.

  23. pvaspot.com


    Nomadhome » Blog Archiv » Distribution partner!…

  24. Randy Springer

    I’d love more information about this product and distributors in the US/North American market. This is a fantastic concept, and my wife and I are very interested. Thank you in advance.

  25. Debbie Moser

    Just saw one of your homes on “Extreme Homes” TV show. Love the concept. Any distributors in North America?

  26. Robert Freitas

    I also saw your beautiful homes on “extreme homes” & fell in love with them I would love any info on the homes prices & if there are any distributors in California or North America ?

  27. NirNir

    Am interested in purchasing 100 sm house for private use, maybe as a Model House.
    Any partners in Israel?
    Please get in touch.

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