… somewhere UNDER the rainbow…

 A childrens fairytale says that there’ll be found a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow! We say: Never loose the childrens power of creativity and imagination and work on your ideas!

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  1. Gerold Peham

    isnt there anybody creative who wants to write smthg. or who is interested in our houses… or maybe both?
    whats a blog for when theres nobody to talk to?

  2. johannes haberl

    the project and the CI is great, it needs just a little time to get noticed by enough people

    have patience and go on!!!!


    all the best


  3. Molly

    dear Mr. Peham,

    i saw the nomad home on “World’s Most Extreme Homes” and am now frantically seaching all information about it. I would absolutely love to buy one this minute. So the question is.. do you guys ship these homes to canada?? And also, can they be bought or only leased?

  4. MMaina

    hi Gelord,

    I have been writing,and writting, but nobody from your office writes back :(

  5. suzie

    hey! good work, although i heard that there is some nigerian guy running a scam in canada on the Nomadhomes….very big thing today in the news lots of people have lost their money!!!….guy got arrested!!.sorry folks, but they sure wouldbe sweet cottages in our cold country lol…..

  6. Kris

    Startin’ blogging :-) I don’t have much time for my own blog but the Nomad idea deserves few minutes… I really like the concept, design-wise, and, of course, idea that a Nomad takes, apparently, much less time to build than a traditional house.
    But here are few questions.
    How does the house rate in terms of sound isolation - both ways. The thing is that A) I have a very light sleep, B) I have a home recording studio. The latter would require a dedicated room (completely closed - door and small window permitted, but no ground-to-ceiling glass, MDF with rockwool should do the job).
    Would it be possible to adapt a Nomad for this purpose?
    How efficient is air suction over the cooking area? Since Nomads are more/less open plan dwellings how do you prevent cooking smells from hanging all over the place. Not that an amateur musician would cook a turkey ever day, but even an occassional pasta can become unpleasant overnight.
    Thanks a lot and take care.
    Your international neighbour to the north-east.

  7. Ursula Johlige

    I saw your nomad home at the Landesgartenschau in Neu-Ulm Germany this summer.
    & I red in brandeins about your concept.
    Wonderful !!!

    best wishes


  8. Jayla

    I am also from Canada and was wondering if you guys are shipping here or if you plan to in the near future. I hope you do!
    Love the design, keep up the good work! :)

  9. THE IVY Denmark

    Dear All, we are currently assisting Stefan Fill & Ulli Dirmayer at Nomadhome with sales, leasing and rental enquires. So we can help you.

    So for more information and a discussion please call Solomon Lyttle or Ditte Romby on +45 26909265 or email: sol@theivy.dk

    Best regards
    Thanks for the support


  10. Eric

    I would also use one of the module to built a studio into and another one to live in…

    Come to (Quebec) Canada!

  11. Gerold Peham

    First a large THANKS for the desires to all!!

    Our Nomadhome can be transported everywhere - also to Canada.
    It is organisized everything from Austria.

  12. D.D.

    August 19, 2010 - Hi There! Great home design ideas. How much would it cost to purchase a basic unit and ship to the US & transport to bldg. site aprox?? Thanks and best wishes…..(I also sent your sales office an e-mail inquiry today requesting info) D.D.

  13. Gerold Peham

    hello D.D.
    many thanks for your comment - we´ll answer your mail-inquiry with all infos today.
    but right now i can say it´s theoretically possible to ship it - but it´s a matter of price… and our experience shows that it´s the price is getting too high ….
    let´s see anyway we´ll give our best,
    best regards, ulli.

  14. wanduhren

    Very nice blog . But like this blog are these house nice? are they reliable ?

  15. James Dunn

    I to am in canada and are interested in these home .Have you ever thought of having someone in canada manufacture these home here for you .

  16. Robert Boadway

    Please send a price list (Canadian funds) for your models

  17. Smithe850

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