NOMADHOME 33 S opened in PRAGUE 5

9. September 2009

The first NOMADHOME Type Trend 33 S in Czech Republic now opened in Prague 5 - a very modern district of Prague. With the support of Mr. Martin Stransky Nomadhome´s use is a service-center of Prague 5 for the public audience. The NOMADHOME-Team want to thank all people involved and wish good luck!

Nomadhome on TV - “Ratgeber Bauen + Wohnen”

8. September 2009

NOMADHOME TREND 77 CAm Sonntag 6.9.09 um 16.30h ein Beitrag auf ARD:Nomadhome eine Art Raumschiff unter den Mobilhäusern?Is Nomadhome a kind of spacecraft among mobile homes?Beitrag ansehen:


31. August 2009

Start-up Pavillon CIE

Since end of July, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), an initiative to promote and support entrepreneurial action and innovation has found a new (nomad)home in a very central location on university campus.


The two founders, Christian Schwarzkopf and Tim Lagerpusch, hope to unite interdisciplinary members of the university and interested companies to develop business ideas and concepts and to bring them into practise.


We are glad to see that this dynamic project has chosen NOMADHOME as a representative working-environment and for sure they’ll meet with success. Our best wishes and good look to CIE and all people involved!


More pictures and information about CIE can be found here:


It´s done - the first NOMADHOME BASIC worldwide is realised!!!

1. Juli 2009

12 weeks between order and visualisation for the NOMADHOME-OFFICE to move in.

If you are interested in TYPE BASIC - please contact us!!!

We are at your disposal anytime.

Headoffice - Fill Holding GesmbH in Nomadhome

29. Januar 2009

The business managers moved into the Nomadhome on December 2008. They work on an effective area of 44qm. Nobody want´s to miss the Nomadhome´s stylish and trendy atmosphere.

Lounge FM - Listen & Relax

11. September 2008

Here the latest pictures of the Lounge! Come and visit it!

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Listen & Relax

21. August 2008

lounge-fm1Between 08.09.2008 and 26.09.2008 the Johannes Kepler University/Linz/AUSTRIA and LoungeFM - Upper-Austrias new relaxing radiostation - open the “Johannes Kepler Lounge”! A Nomadhome to RELAX!

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Distribution partner!

14. Juli 2008

Because of the growing international interest in NOMADHOME we are looking for an innovative and visionary sales-partner who wants to strike a new path with NOMADHOME! Should you be interested, please contact us under

… somewhere UNDER the rainbow…

1. Juli 2008

 A childrens fairytale says that there’ll be found a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow! We say: Never loose the childrens power of creativity and imagination and work on your ideas!

Landesgartenschau Neu-Ulm - horticultural exhibition

27. Juni 2008

Enjoy life under palm-trees. Relax. Imagine to live ON the water… in our 50 sqm lifestyle zone! “Optimized to the basics” The Nomadhome Info-Lounge at the “Landesgartenschau” (horticultural exhibition) in Neu-Ulm/GERMANY from April 25th - October 5th 2008

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